Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simple Magnetic White Board Eraser Tutorial

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When I was setting up my craft area a few months ago, I added a white board right next to the door to our garage.  I had the white board for several months before putting it in it's current place and I used disposable wet wipes to clean it off since I had bought one without an eraser.  Soon after moving it to my craft area, I ran out of wet wipes.  I needed to erase something so I grabbed a flannel coaster that was sitting on my craft table.  It worked awesome!  However the next time I needed to wipe it off, I had moved the coaster and couldn't find it.  I then got the idea to make a flannel wipe with a magnet in one corner.  That way it's always where I need it.  I've made several of them since then- needing some trial and error.  The other day I decided Caroline needed one for her easel.
So I went and found some cute flannel fabric and got to work!

You will need:
flannel fabric- scraps will work or you can buy a 1/4 yard and make several.
magnets- I used 3/4" round magnets.  The magnet needs to be a strong one since it will have to hold through the fabric.
Sewing machine, ruler, scissors, thread ( i use a rotary cutter, ruler and mat but they aren't necessary)

Look at this pretty ballerina flannel I got.  Perfect for my ballerina princess.

The magnets were from Michaels.  Make sure they are big enough to hold through the flannel fabric.

1.   Cut your fabric 8" x 12"

2.  Fold in half so right sides are together.  Sew 1/4" seam all the way around (including the folded edge) and leave a 1.5" open for turning and inserting the magnet.  I left my opening near one corner of the fabric.

See how the opening is near one corner but I still sewed around all 4 corners.

3. Clip corners and trim threads.

4. Turn right side out and poke out corners.

5.  Measure a 1.5"x 1.5" square in the corner that your opening is in.  mark it with a water soluble pen.

6.  Beginning on the top edge of your square, edge stitch all the way around except when you reach your markings.  Sew on them instead.  This will keep your magnet in just one corner of the cloth instead of loose inside.

You will be left with 2 outside edges of your square unsewn plus still an opening to put in your magnet.

7. Slide in your magnet.

8. Finish edge stitching the 2 edges of the square making sure to catch your opening closed.

9. Finished!!!!  Hang from your white board.

The eraser works just fine dry though if you have left marker on your white board for a long time, you can get it damp to help clean it off.  The eraser can go in the washing machine and dryer thought the magnet will stick to the inside of the machine.

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