Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jelly Bean Wreath Mini Tutorial

As I have been perusing blogland, I've seen lots of pretty conversation heart wreaths.  Obviously, I'm a little behind.  But I thought the idea of a candy wreath was cute.  And what kind of candy is everywhere right now?  Easter candy!  So I thought I would give it a try with jelly beans.

Items needed:

A styrofoam wreath form- mine is 12"
jelly beans- I used more than 2 bags but not quite 3.  You can use any jelly beans you want, I only like starburst ones so....
a glue gun- preferably a low temp one
glue sticks- I bought some foam glue sticks but ended up running out and the regular ones I had at home worked just as well

1.  Sort the jelly beans by color.  If you have a cute little helper like I do, they can do this part.  By all means, eat a few jelly beans but not too many cause this project takes a lot.

She did a great job!
 2.  Start hot gluing your jelly beans around the wreath.  At first I thought I was going to do horizontal bands of color around the wreath.  But after I got a couple rows on, I looked at them and they were all crooked. So using a sharp knife, I sliced them off the styrofoam and started over.  This time I went around the wreath staring on the very outside edge.  It worked much better at covering as much of the wreath form as possible.  Not quite the same idea I had originally but jelly beans are too odd shaped to make straight bands of color with.  You can glue in any color combo you want.  I went red-orange-yellow-green-purple-pink and repeat.

3.  Once I finished gluing all the jelly beans on, I used an old toothbrush to get all the hot glue strings off.  Then I glued some ribbon to the back for hanging and a bow on the front.  I'm not crazy about the bow but it will stay for now.  And it's done!

I hung my wreath inside my kitchen.  Our front door faces west and gets all the hot afternoon sun.  I'm afraid it might melt so it's an indoor decoration.  But if you can find a nice shady place to hang, it would look pretty and springy outdoors!

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  1. What a springy, fun wreath! Great job!! I also love the "sorting" activity that comes along with it for your little one. :)

  2. So cute, and genius idea about the tooth brush! Why didn't I see your post earlier today, when I was making a wreath... Doh!