Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ruined Fruit and Good Carne Asada

We had to remove all of the fruit from our orange and grapefruit trees today.  That arctic cold from a couple weeks ago really did a number on my poor trees.  All the fruit froze on the trees and has since unfrozen and begun to rot.  Yuck.  Not to mention all the leaves are curled up and brittle.  They just couldn't handle the abnormal freezing temps.  I felt so sad as I pulled all the fruit off today.  We aren't sure if the trees themselves are going to make it.  It's just a wait and see.  Hopefully since both trees are full grown, mature trees they will make it.  We might not have much fruit this coming year but that's OK.  I don't eat the oranges anyway.  I am very bummed about the grapefruit though.  They were so good!
Here are a couple pictures from just a few weeks ago before all the damage was done.  I didn't get any pictures of the trees today because they just look too sad.

On a much brighter note, John made grilled carne asada and made homemade pico de gallo for dinner tonight.  It was delicious!!!  He worked hard on it and grilled it over some wood from a bottle brush tree we had to cut down in our backyard.  We all stuffed ourselves on it, even Caroline.  Now it's time to relax and watch American Idol on the DVR.

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