Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Behind

Ok, so I am that person.  You know, the one who procrastinates terribly.

I just took down my Christmas tree today.

A full month after Christmas was over.  Thank goodness it is a fake tree.

Now in my defense, we went on vacation 3 days after Christmas and when we got back, I came down with the worst case of the flu I have ever had.  I spent 7 days in bed.  Taking down the tree was not high on my priority list.  But...  to be honest, I have felt better for over a week.  I just couldn't force myself to tackle the large task of taking it all down.  I really had to work myself up to it.  To put it in better perspective for you, I have a 9 foot Christmas tree.  With 160 ornaments (Yes I counted.)  Plus 10 strings of lights and various other decorations all over the house.  It took me a solid 4 hours to get it all put away.
Now I'm tired.  And very glad that I don't have to put up the tree again until November.

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